A conceputal costume design inspired by Victor Hugo´s novel and the French musical by R.Cocciante & L.Plamondon from 1998, visualised in two short movies.

The 1st part completed in 2016 illustrates the whole setting. The 2nd part, completed a year later, brings the costumes to full maturity and tells the end.

The main character, Esmeralda, is divided into 3 roles.

Each role is played by one and the same person.


The whole range of this project includes a new concept for costumes, stage design, storyboard and  dramaturgy, all in written form, based on the original spectacle.



Esmeralda, off-stage, FILLE.DE.GRAND.CHEMIN


Esmeralda, objectified, BOHÉMIENNE.ET.SORCIÈRE

Quasimodo, bell ringer, L.ENFANT.TROUVÉ


Phoebus, captain of the royal archers, BEAU.COMME.LE.SOLEIL

Fleur-de-Lys, fiancée of Phoebus, RÊVES.DE.PETITE.FILLE

Clopin, gypsy king, LES.SANS.PAPIERS




GRAEAE, dance piece 8:40 min, choreography: Peter Copek, premiere 02.06.2018 at Tanzfest der Deutschen Tanzkompanie Neustrelitz, Photography: Detlef Klose, Oliver Hohlfeld

Costume spectacle at COALSCAREMONIUM, April 8th 2017, Bruxelles, Belgium models: Maria Kleopatra, Noli Metangere, Sammia Shoots, Sara Scarlet, Irma Aka Sister, Dana Mikelson, Xanthy Marit, Eline Verhelle, Lara Laquiz, Dai-Hung Nguyen. Photography: Luc Luyten, ManuGo Photography, Jolanta Mikelsone

“Trapped in stripes” 74 Magazine May15, photography: Straulino, production: Oliver Szilagyi, hair & make-up: Oliver Szilagyi, set design: Kristine Alksne, concept & styling: Isabel Kibler, wigs: Bergmann, model: Irinia / Modelwerk

“NOT HEAVEN, NOT HELL” HUF Magazine #36 March 2015, Photography: Heks Sascha Haubold, Styling: Andrea Horn, Models: RM Berlin, Hair & Make-Up: Creative Beauty Company (Cara-Lena Schmidt, Marita Helwig, Alisa Kolb, Verena Emmel)

black & white special Beautiful.Bizzare Magazine Dec 2014, Photography: Claudia Wycisk, Model : Sandra, Hair & make-up : Elena Becker, assistance: Anika Lauer

„THREADS“ Dark Beauty Magazine #34 Sept 2014, photography:
Hannes Caspar, model: Katharina Lebedew, Das Fräulein Fuchs, Dana
Mikelson, make up / hair: Christina Prijemskaja

costume performance May 6th 2014, at DAVID PEREIRA´S TRIP @ Wintergarte Varieté Berlin. photography: Robert Pater , Artists: David Pereira, Felice Aguilar, David Santos, Christian Myland, Dan Power, Moritz Haase, Jack Woodhead, Dana Mikelson

“THE OTHERS – you are not alone” Storm Magazine #03 Spring 2014, photography & concept: Suzana Holtgrave, assistant: Kiko Dionisio, styling: Sky Bulatovic plus AMD Berlin Styling Class, styling assistance: Lia V. Buddenbrock, models: Aurika(Donna Models), Caroline Sue, Amanda (Satory Management), Tania Lebedeva

“Christian Martin Weiss” in Beautiful.Bizzare Magazine Sept 2013,
photography: Christian Martin Weiß

“Futuristic Estonia” Fashion Affair Magazine Sept 13, photography: Sandra Mika, model: Verena Krausser (Eskimo Scouting Germany), set design: Björn Koop, MUA, hair, nails; Elena Becker (Redken Artists), dress / styling: Christina Rehberg, Helena Benac, metal accessoires: CEXN // clothing art, assistance: Dennis Sattler