Visit the store in Berlin -Charlottenburg! Dozens of objects are
displayed here, with new things being continuously created in the
artist´s studio. Pictures give you only a vague idea – the true beauty
enfolds when you see these extra-ordinary pieces with your own eyes!

Knobelsdorffstr. 22
14059 Berlin
+ 49 30 552 78 553

No regular opening hours. Please make an appointment or rely on chance. 

Verkehrsanbindung / traffic:
U2 Sophie-Charlotte-Platz, U7 Bismarckstraße
S41, S42, S46 Westend
A100 Ausfahrt Kaiserdamm



Design & Manufacture – From the smallest accessory over
head-to-toe costumes, Dana develops ideas and brings
them to realisation in her truly unique artistic style. You may
commision us to make an individual piece or take a look at the online shop first.

Rental – Most of the costume pieces are available for rental,
if you need them for one use only. For this 33% of the actual
price is charged. Contact us for an individual offer.

Photoshootings / Art Direction – Dana is an experienced art
director and is educated in cinema. Working with photographers, models,
make-up artists and filmmakers, we´ll be sure to find the right people for the right job. Let us take care of your shooting and you´ll get our professional and artistically demanding standards.

Conceptual work–  Dana has been doing unique costume-spectales with a dozen people on stage as well as developing conceptual designs within a lager frame of a production on stage, photography or film.

Expertise– Dana is consulting people on their looks or their stage persona, helping to get the best out of whatever she finds. Meanwhile she is presenting her knowledge in from of lectures and workshops, aiming to help develop competence in what our clothes communicate and how that is entangled in the overall human structure.


Dana Mikelson is a costume designer and art director based in Berlin / Germany.
Born in Riga / Latvia in 1987, she moved to Germany with her family at a very young age.

Spending her entire teenagehood with drawing and painting, Dana began her costume work when studying fine art and cinema at Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (academy of arts and design), where she graduated in 2011. Her eye for aestethics and her understanding of production processes developed here alongside her widely-spread education including art direction, graphic design, photography, filmmaking, crafting and stage design.

She worked with CEXN //clothing art from 2011-14 as designer, art director and sales manager and works now fully independent. She opened her studio/showroom in Berlin in 2015. Since then, each year an exhibition in a fair or gallery takes place and projects are followed one after another, continously exploring new fields.

Experience (extract):

own projects:
2017: Costume spectacle at “Coalscaremonium”, Bruxelles, Belgium. 10 performers, ca.12 min.
2014: Costume performance act in “David Pereira´s Trip” (Varieté show), Wintergarten Varieté Berlin. 9 performers, ca. 6min.
2011: “Nintendo´s not dead” Acrobatic show act at “Rundgang 2011”, Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach. 4 performers ca. 20 min.

2018: GRAEAE, dance piece, Deutsche Tanzkompanie Neustrelitz, choreography: Peter Copek, 3 dancers, ca. 8:40 min
2016: Costumes for 2 performers of “House of Ninja” for “Kendrick Mugler Ball” (Vogueing event), Paris
2015: Costumes for DDC breakdance group and their show “Breakdance meets classic”, 7 performers
2015: Costumes for 4 performers of “House of Melody” for “Tit Bit Ball” (Vogueing event), Berlin
2014: Costume assistance for “Peter Pan” (Varieté Show) at Wintergarten Varieté Berlin
2013: Costumes for performance group “Undicht”, 3 performers, Wiesbaden.

own projects:
2017: NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS, prochaine génération, music video/ costume movie, 4:04 min. Art direction, costumes, set design, filming, postproduction, performance
2016: NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS, music video/ costume movie, 9:20 min. Art direction, costumes, set design, filming, postproduction, performance
2011: BONES OF OUR BELOVED ONES, short movie/costume movie, 9:00min. Art direction, costumes, set design, postproduction
2010: LILIANA short movie, 4:15min. Art direction, postproduction.
2009: UNSPOKEN music video / costume movie, 6:23min. Art direction, costumes, postproduction, performance
2008: MOTTE music video / costume movie, 4:43min. Art direction, costumes, postproduction.


own projects: COUNTLESS (see portfolio)
participation: COUNTLESS